Our purpose is to help students follow Jesus.

Middle school services happen during all morning services at both campuses.

High school meets from 6:30-8pm at New London. Check-in begins at 6:00pm.

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Current Series

Everybody has an inner world. It’s a world created by the conversations you have within yourself, the daydreams you have, and the internal dialogue as you go through the day. Ultimately it’s the collection of thoughts that shape the world you live in.

Your inner world can fluctuate from the excitement of figuring out who you are and your purpose in life, to being plagued with challenges like comparison, stress, and anxiety. In this series we’re going to get vulnerable and talk about what’s beneath who we pretend to be, encouraging students to align their inner world with the truth of God’s Word.

Midweek Life Groups

Life groups are a place where students can find community and grow deeper in their relationships with God. Male, female, and co-ed groups are held in host homes for 10 weeks every fall and spring semester.

Groups & Events