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Amanda posid story Amanda posid story

Discovering God’s Love Through Grief

Note: Amanda and Dan Posid’s almost 2-year-old son David died in November 2015. Amanda shares her journey of discovering more of God’s love and wor...

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Amy crisp sunrise at ocean Amy crisp sunrise at ocean

The Gift of a Summer Sunrise

In the month of March I can see it from the deck of the beach house...that big orange sphere of fire and heat. In June, though, it necessitates a f...

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Going fishing dave kountz Going fishing dave kountz

Following God to New Places

One of the first commands we ever see Jesus give to his future disciples is, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” He didn’t tell them mu...

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Middleschoolparents hanginthere Middleschoolparents hanginthere

Middle School Mom & Dad, Hang in There

As a new season of Jump Up approaches, I hear parents begin to talk more about their sweet elementary child moving into the sometimes-scary territo...

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Gls 2017 promo Gls 2017 promo

Why We’re a Part of the Global Leadership Summit

When I was working on my dissertation many years ago, I wanted to answer the question, “What turns you off about church?” I talked to a lot of peo...

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Brcm visitation story Brcm visitation story

What I’ve Learned from Visiting a Refugee Who Became My Friend

My friend Getachew Dembi fled the brutal regime of the Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam in Ethiopia in the 1980s. Getachew forever left behin...

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Crash sam coleman Crash sam coleman

Learning to Use ‘Free Speech’ Wisely

When Crash began its “Free Speech” series a couple of months ago, Sam Coleman didn’t think it would personally impact her. “I expected to learn ab...

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Single focus nate milton Single focus nate milton

Rediscovering Joy in Jesus

Some people have a come-to-Jesus moment. I have a come-back-to-Jesus moment. I was incredibly blessed to be born to loving parents of faith. I gre...

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Cr 15 debbie n david Cr 15 debbie n david

The O’Briens Share their 15-Year Journey with Celebrate Recovery

In 2002, David and Debbie O’Brien began Celebrate Recovery at Blue Ridge. As they prepare for the 15th anniversary of the group, they shared what i...

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Cr homerunmovie Cr homerunmovie

Movie Night: Home Run Scores with Second-Chance Story

Bring the whole family for dinner and a movie at Blue Ridge! Celebrate Recovery will be showing the movie "Home Run" for those over 12 (the movie i...

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Jacob gossom follow table Jacob gossom follow table

Follow: Help each other do God’s word

Jacob Gossom quickly rattles off the Follow motto: Hear God’s word, do God’s word and help each other do God’s word. After three years in Follow, ...

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Faith girlz panorama edit Faith girlz panorama edit

Faith Girlz: More than Glow-in-the-Dark Princesses

You can hear the screams from the atrium. It’s the second Friday night of the month and 80 to 100 second through fifth grade girls have gathered fo...

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