Brian and Keyla Dalee Jones had been praying for years together about being missionaries.

However, as they pursued their dream to serve full time overseas, they hit one roadblock after another.

“In a lot of ways, I think we were idolizing overseas missions … It was crushing, but humbling that it didn’t work out,” said Keyla Dalee.

At the same time, they began attending Blue Ridge and hearing about what it means to live on mission.

Brian said, “Even though missions and many other things in life weren’t working out like we planned, God was opening new doors in our ministry opportunities here at Blue Ridge and beyond … God has been guiding us through ministries that we’re a part of, and it is clear He is in all of this.”

A friend, David Michon, who Keyla Dalee had served with at a former church, approached her and Brian about serving in Bedford.

“We were in support of it, but we hadn't considered going there,” she said. But the newlyweds began praying about it.

At first, all they could see were obstacles and reasons not to go.

“But week by week the answers came out of nowhere. God was showing us that if we were obedient, He would take care of everything,” Keyla Dalee said. “Usually I think of answered prayers as a big immediate flashy answer, but this was gradual … I can be inpatient, but sometimes in the waiting we're showing God our heart to serve Him.”

They will serve on the worship and tech teams for Bedford. They say they’re excited to be a part of the new church, to experience the camaraderie of this new community and to help spread the word.

Brian said, “I often think of a quote from Woody … talking about wanting to be ‘out there on the edge where God is moving.’ Whether across the world or down the street, that’s what Keyla Dalee and I want. I think Bedford represents a chance to be right there on the edge where God is moving His kingdom.”