Jacob Gossom quickly rattles off the Follow motto: Hear God’s word, do God’s word and help each other do God’s word.

After three years in Follow, Blue Ridge’s men’s group that meets each Monday in New London, Jacob especially appreciates having other guys help him work out his faith.

“No matter what somebody’s going through there are others who’ve been through it too,” he said.

Despite growing up in the church, Jacob said he “never knew what it meant to follow Christ.”
As he became an adult, got married and started working, he found himself challenged by the struggles of life. Jacob turned to alcohol to cope.

But when his family moved from Roanoke and he began regularly attending Blue Ridge, he started checking out what it might really look like to follow Jesus in a real way.

“I realized I had been messing up for a long time and not following Jesus at all. I sat down and started reading how God sees sin.”

Jacob prayed to receive Jesus on January 16, 2015. “I got down on my knees in my bedroom. I knew from that point on that God had changed my heart and I wanted my thoughts and actions to glorify Him.”

Still, he wanted to learn how to walk out this new life. He wanted to be a good husband and dad to his beautiful wife and twin daughters.

“In Follow, we help each other by experiences,” Jacob said. “Those further along in their walk give guidance to newer believers … I've gathered so much encouragement from different leaders over the years.”

Follow is open to all men. Check it out next Monday!