The back-to-school season can be more than just an educational experience for your child in the classroom — it can also be a wonderful opportunity for you to start training your child in basic budgeting. Be sure to involve them in the planning process, so they start to learn skills they will need later in life.

Over the summer, your children have probably grown. Look at shopping at a consignment store or places with gently used clothes that are still trendy.
Child Participation: Give your child a dollar amount and a checklist and let them lead the way.

Extracurricular Activities
Will your child be expanding his or her horizons through sports teams, clubs, organizations or the marching bands?
Child Participation: Consider having your child contribute monetarily a portion of the expenses for these activities (chores, job, birthday money, etc.). They will be more committed because they are personally invested.

School Lunches/Vending Machines
If you have made the decision to start giving your kids money for lunches or a snack, make sure you have adjusted your monthly budget to reflect these changes.
Child Participation: If you are packing lunches, involve your children in the planning process and show them what each lunch costs.

Whether you like it or not, the fundraiser flyers are coming home soon. Look back at last year’s checkbook to make sure you are not caught off guard.
Child Participation: Match your child’s sales one for one to create personal involvement. Don’t just default to buying 20 boxes of cookies yourself to meet their quota.

Field Trips
Your kids will be looking for more than just your signature on the permission slip when the first trip arrives.
Child Participation: Field trips are like vacations from school. Break down the cost of the trip and show them how to aside a portion of the expense each week to teach your child about savings.

If the thought of teaching your kids about budgeting makes you nervous, maybe a one-on-one coaching session is the next step for you. The MoneyWorks Ministry wants to help you follow Biblical principles with the money God has entrusted to you.

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